Disgusted By BN's Actions - Anwar Ibrahim

  • Apr 2, 2018
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Press Statement

31 March 2018

I am disgusted by the BN's actions in bulldozing through the Dewan Rakyat the re-delineation proposal. This is a serious matter which should have taken weeks to debate and discuss. Instead it was hurried through in just 2 hours! 

This is not a proper and lawful re-dileanation exercise, but a blatant and unconstitutional act of gerrymandering. 

It is an admission by the BN that they would lose the general election using the old boundaries.

The BN are also rushing the Anti-fake news law through parliament. This is a clear sign of desperation. 

They want this law to prevent further public discussion and criticism of the 1MDB scandal and other corruption scandals and wrongdoing of the BN.

In pushing through the anti-fake news bill, the BN are clearly targeting the youth, who will become the main victims of this law. 

Fake news or false news can be dealt with by defamation laws. 

Can we let the thieves who stole billions in public money decide what is fake?

Harapan will set up a truly independent election commission, and repeal the anti-fake news law. 

I urge Malaysians to come out in large numbers and vote the BN out of power. 

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Anwar Ibrahim

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