MMC-Gamuda only has itself to blame

  • Oct 10, 2018
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By Stephen Ng

After a failed negotiation with the Government, MMC-Gamuda is now looking to be invited for re-negotiation.

This is after the consortium kicked up the dust after the initial negotiations failed.

The statement that the consortium finally issued today to "urge all stakeholders especially (its) staff, subcontractors and suppliers to remain calm" has come too late.

The statement should have been issued earlier without causing any further damage to the government of the day.

The consortium has failed to realise that the rakyat is watching the way it conducts its business. MMC-Gamuda should not think that it can twist the arm of anyone in the Malaysian Government.

Now that it realises that they cannot bully the Government, it wants to go back to the negotiation table without even coming out with a public apology.

The Government should not invite the consortium to the negotiation table again; instead invite them to submit a new tender and compete with other tenderers to see who can deliver the job at a better price to the country.