Gamuda-MMC from my point of view

  • Oct 10, 2018
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By Stephen Ng

A number of people asked me what I think about the government's decision to terminate the contract with Gamuda-MMC.

This article will sum up my views. They are strictly my personal views but before I go on, you should first read an open letter from Tony Pua, political secretary to the Minister of Finance.

The decision was made after careful deliberation by the cabinet. This, of course, followed many rounds of discussions between Lim Guan Eng and his team, with the top management of Gamuda-MMC.

There is no reason why the Malaysian Government would abandon the MRT2 project although its coffers have been left high and dry by the previous regime under Najib Abdul Razak.

With billions of Ringgit being siphoned off, the Pakatan Harapan government which took over Putrajaya is left with no other options but to settle huge debts and repayment of taxes owed to the people.

Naturally, the Government has an obligation to save every single Sen, and use it to pay the debts without creating further burden to the people.

Even the ordinary people were willing to come forward to raise funds to help pay off the RM1 trillion debts incurred by the Najib regime.

Under such circumstances, Gamuda-MMC should not behave like a big boy trying to arm twist the government of the day.

On top of that, they should not kick up a fuss for the failed negotiation. This has turned them into a scorn to the nation.

It appears to me that the campaign that they have hyped up is run by some public relations consultants. Everything appears to be coordinated by some professionals behind the scene.

It goes without saying how much Gamuda-MMC must have paid for these professional campaigners.

Why does Gamuda-MMC have to do this? This is a question that many of us have asked.

It is easy to hype up the numbers and make things look really bad after the government terminated its contract, but Gamuda-MMC as a government contractor must know that under the new Malaysian government, it is no longer business-as-usual for them.

For all Malaysians, a new contractor which can do the job better at a cheaper price would still be the best option.

I should also add the following comments by an engineer in the construction industry:

"Yeah I guess the previous government has indeed created a group of spoiled brat cronies.... Not forgetting that for the longest time Gamuda has been the biggest bully of all.... Bullying even the likes of IJM, SUNWAY and others.... And saving every penny they can is the correct way forward ....which is exactly the government we wanted to vote in...."

And, another sub-contractor: "Gamuda does not even give SMEs like us a chance to introduce our local technologies. Such arrogance!" 

After all, we are also consumers. If we find that Pallas shoes are much better in quality than Bata, why should we spend so much to buy the Bata shoes?