Zahid to be charged?

  • Oct 8, 2018
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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is expected to face MACC charges in regards to the alleged misappropriation of a foundation's funds.

A MACC source said he is most likely to be charged on Thursday, and if that is true, it means he will be spending the night on the MACC premises.

Zahid, however, had tweeted today that MACC would only be recording his statement and advised his supporters against holding a gathering in front of MACC headquarters this Wednesday.

In July, Zahid was questioned twice by the MACC in relation to the Akal Budi Foundation. It was reported that RM800,000 had allegedly been misappropriated from the foundation to pay for credit card bills belonging to Zahid and his wife.

Zahid had said that funds from the welfare foundation were indeed used to clear credit card debts but claimed that this was due to a mistake by his officer.

Meanwhile, another source close to the matter said Zahid could be facing tough days ahead as the MACC has not only been investigating him and his family on a resort project in Bagan Datuk as well as the source of wealth in a family member's bank account.

Massive resort project

In April, Bernama reported that Zahid launched the project, known as the Teedo resort which cost about RM75 million, during a ground-breaking ceremony attended by his wife and daughter.

Zahid was quoted as saying that the project would be done without government funding.

"For your information, the construction of this hotel will be done without a single sen of government money and even the land and infrastructure will be financed 100 percent by the private sector," he had said.

It is understood that the 60-hectare resort will house a commercial zone, a shopping centre, restaurants, a theme park and a religious school with a total gross development costing about RM250 million, reported Bernama.