PKR polls tainted by 'Umno faces', claims Azmin

  • Oct 5, 2018
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PKR POLLS | Incumbent PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali today claimed that the party election is "tainted" with new members formerly from Umno contesting.

Speaking at a programme by Kelantan PKR, Azmin urged the members to, therefore, vote for only those who are worthy and loyal to the party.

"Don't (vote for) those who came in yesterday and has become a division chief today. Yes, they have money.

"Don't just choose those who have been in the party for a month [...] even their faces are still 'Umno faces'," the Economic Affairs minister told the 250-strong crowd in Kota Baru.

Also present were Kelantan PKR chairperson Abdul Aziz Kadir as well as national party leaders such as Saifuddin Abdullah, Amirudin Shari and Kamaruddin Jaafar.

Kelantan PKR members cast their votes tomorrow in the party election.

Azmin urged the state's members to reject outright any candidate who tried to buy their support with money.

"Push them away. We fought for 20 years, there was no money involved. Only sweat, spirit and confidence.

"This is what Umno fears in us. Umno does not fear us because of money, they have more of it," he quipped.

No compromise

Azmin admitted that he had evidence of vote-buying in the party elections and reminded party members to not get tainted by corruption.

"Today's leadership will not compromise with any quarter found dabbling in money politics be it at the party level or in the government. We will not hesitate to take action," he said.

Previously, PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim had also urged for healthy competition during the party elections and warned against breaking the rules that had been set.