Dr Siti Hasmah Worried About Dr M Health – Tun Mahathir Works Until 4-5am and 7am Already In Office

  • May 17, 2018
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Tun Dr Siti Hasmah is getting worried about the health of her husband Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, one week after he was sworn in as the nation’s seventh Prime Minister.

“I am worried about his health as he does not have enough sleep. His sleeping time is used to go through government documents.

“On one night, he went through 200 documents until 4-5am. At 7am, he was already in the office,” she said in a post on the Kelab Che Det Facebook page.

Her concern was echoed by many Malaysians who also expressed their worry that Dr Mahathir, who turns 93 this year, was working too hard.

“I am very worried about Tun … I hope Muslims will pray for Tun this Ramadan,” said Wai Yap.

Wong Chin Kuan said that he prayed for Dr Mahathir’s health and happiness every day.

“He is a Malaysian hero,” he said.

Christopher Lawrence Chew – I understand what Tun is trying to do to quickly repair the damage has been done and also to get it done his way. It is not easy for someone who is a disciplinarian to entrust a task for someone else. Call it workaholic or whatever you like but it will be like that until the work is done. How much we tell them, it will be fallen to deaf ears. Only the closest person could advice him that it is not his fault. Let it go and handle it one by one.

God, I pray that you give Tun Mahathir the strength to do what is best for him and also for the nation and to know that your Will can push through to a better country for our people and generation to come to live.

Chan KJ Tun - If you get to read this, please know 30million+ Malaysians want you to rest adequately so you can fight for the country longer.

Weng Kong Chow Tun – We have no words to express our appreciation for the sacrifices you are making for us. We know you hold the rakyat close to your heart but pls take care of yourself becos we still need you to fight for us. We salute your dedication and we love you.

Chiang Choon Sern – So, those clowns jostling for Cabinet positions, please do a self-reflection. You people in power because of Mahathir Factor. Just shut the hell up and don’t squabble for power. Let Tun chooses his Cabinet and then start working to share the burden! Hidup Tun!

John Lai Tun – You are the most valuable wealth for Malaysian. Please take a break, the journey is still long. We really hope that you can stay longer and heathy.

Frederick Peters – Dear Tun…first of all thank you very much for your effort and hardworks given to fulfill your promises. Apart for these we are concerned about your health where we see your tired looking. Our request to you delegate your jobs to respective people and monitor from there for lighten your responsibility. Malaysian need you for long run. Love you PM.

Vilas Chatu Tun – We the rakyat voted for Pakatan because of YOU. We want you to be able to lead the country for a while. We want you to have good rest so that you can serve. Yes there is a lot of work to do. You must delegate them.

We love n admire your capabilities . Pls stay healthy.

Jimmy Tiat – Tun if ur reading this, I beg you to take some rest please. Nothing can be done overnight. Don’t pressure yourself. May God bless you abundantly.

ChiauWu Lim Tun – Please have adequate rest with the soon cabinet ministers and special task force announced. Appreciate your speedy effort in important task assigned for the past one week to make path to your subordinates to carry out their duties respectively. Hidup Tun and take care !

Stephanie CH Chong – Dear Tun, Congratulations for the Fantastic Job that you have done, leading PH to win GE14, and working so hard to keep you promises to the Rakyat! We Malaysians really appreciate your commitment and passion to do so much fixing just within 10 days! We will be seeing a lot more things done within the next 90 days to complete your 100 Days Plan. Please get enough rest and take care of your health! May God Bless With Good Health and Longevity! 

Florence Tan Tun – We know you promised us a better future but it would not be better if you are not here ..So please take care of your health, sleep and meals..We want to see you around for a very long x 100 time..

Elaine Huoy Yuan – Im so worry too, please take good care Tun. God bless you for longevity and stay healthy.

Alessandro Del Piero Tun – Please take a good care of yourself and take good rest. The wealth of this nation is not the oil we have or the other natural resources, it is your health.

Gideon H Tan – TDM is doing more work in 1 week than many previous govt politicians do in a year… I pray that he is continually blessed with good health to sustain such effort at this age.